Refuge at Kekova

Karalos Bay jealously, guarded on Kekova Island, is like a roofless temple with its startling silence. Clean sea, clear air, sparkling, it awaits discovery far from the crowds and noise

Karalos Bay, hidden from the open sea in an indentation of the coast, is a wonderful stopping point for boats on the Blue Voyage. Like an axe hewn inlet at the very center of the bow like coastal curve on the seaward side of Kekova Island, it snakes inland until it comes to an end surrounded by rocks and is as still and calm as a lake. Not one of the destinations on daily boat tours, its serenity is preserved. The enchanting natural beauty of this bay, frequented only by private yachts, its clear water which dances in different colors every hour of the day, its privacy and peace far from noise and crowds are reason enough for visiting yachts to stay a few days.

Swimming in Aquarium Bay is like dancing in light. Aquarium Bay en route by boat to Karalos Bay.

The sparkling clear sea of Aquarium Bay is unrivaled in the Mediterranean. On your boat trip to Karalos Bay all the bays of Gökkaya to the east of Üçagiz village have natural beauty and interesting coastal features. It means extending the journey a little but do not leave without seeing these bays. The beauty of one of these, the small inlet of Aquarium Bay, is exceptional. The bay shines a glassy blue and diffuses a magnificent clarity onto the environment. This is the reason for the name, Aquarium. Passengers on boat tours from Kas and Kale cannot resist hurling themselves into the sea. Aquarium Bay is perfect for diving and also for watching the sun rise.

In Mediterranean blue Aquarium Bay there is no sound to be heard except that of small waves hurling tiny sparks at the shore.

Aquarium Bay is one of the most important stops for daily boat tours leaving from Kas and Blue Voyage yachts. It is also possible to catch the bay in one of its more peaceful moments, for the tour boats set off before evening. Addicts of solitude and silence who know this hire boats from Üçagiz to bring them to the bay in the evening when the atmosphere is like a prayer. When the sun begins to set Aquarium Bay undergoes a series of color changes. At the moment when sea and sky meet it is transformed into a dreamland. Unlike Karalos Bay there is also a small restaurant to cater to your hunger and thirst.

Visitors coming to Karalos Bay by small boats hired from Üçagiz all get in the sea regardless of the time of day. Once in the sea there is no desire to leave again. If not in the afternoon when the sun shows its burning effects you may find yourself in the water in the evening. From the far end of the inlet you can watch the setting sun spread its magnificent color over the whole bay.

Karalos Bay has such a startling stillness that people are afraid to touch it.

Karalos Bay is the second lay on Kekova Island after Tersane Bay where it is possible to swim. To get to Karalos Bay it is necessary to hire a boat from Üçagiz. The hiring price depends on the number of hours; 3 hourly, 5 hourly or daily. For Karalos Bay at least 3 hours are needed. Depending on sea conditions it takes an hour at the most to reach the bay



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