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Consider the laid back comfort of travelling with the World's best train service, the huge european rail network.

The european rail network is huge with nearly 100,000 possible destinations,from Lisbon to Istanbul, Murmansk to Siracusa and takes you straight to your destination town with no lengthy transfers. best of all, when you book with a respected travel agent you may find your hotel is just across the road or around the corner as we specialize in providing hotel rooms close to the main stations! Places such as Fly Hotel Venice which is a provides great and comfortably accommodations which will make you feel just like at home.

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Demirkazik (iron-stake) stands as the highest peak of the Central Taurus. Seen from the Ecemis valley near Çamardi in the sub-province of Nigde, the peak seems to burst from the ground. The limestone Aladaglar range, rising along the famous Ecemis fault line, is a favorite among mountaineers and rock-climbers. Limestone, easily eroded, usually has a pitted surface ideal for climbing, and the most rugged sections of the Aladaglar are full of climbing routes. The most popular starting points for such excursions are the village of Çukurbag, or nearby Demirkazik village where there is a modern mountain hostel. Read More

On the shores of Lake Fish (Balik Gölü) fishing nets are drawn in like an ancient ritual. Lake Fish valley that leads to Ararat... Endless swamps, reedbeds and plains around Saz and Gölyüzü lakes, and the Sarisu which leaves the Turkish border near Gürbulak... In the villages in the region of Lake Fish valley and Sarisu live robust folk who patiently endure the harsh climate, their restricted sowing grounds and mineral tainted water.Read More

Karalos Bay jealously, guarded on Kekova Island, is like a roofless temple with its startling silence. Clean sea, clear air, sparkling, it awaits discovery far from the crowds and noise.

Karalos Bay, hidden from the open sea in an indentation of the coast, is a wonderful stopping point for boats on the Blue Voyage.Read More

This town of at least three thousand years and many names has heard the roar of industrialization and is setting the standard for development in this region in the plains.Read More



Legends in the magnificent palace of 10,000 years of monarchs. Beyond the high walls of the Forbidden City is Peking, changing at a dizzying pace. The older generation of Chinese trying to keep their spirits calm by shadow boxing in the face of this change.

Making plans for a family trip? how about a white vacation, in the snowy mountains of Villaroger in France. with high class accommodation along with great out door adventures such as skiing. A whole lot of fun and guarantee everyone will enjoy themselves.


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